Coaching and Development for Women Yearning to Transform Their Lives.

We offer a specialized and highly impactful approach to coaching, and experiential learning programs both virtually and at our farm, inspired by the way of the herd.

Lean In. Connect. Grow Your Purpose. 

Soul-nourishing Self-exploration

I truly enjoy learning with Tina and the herd, it’s soul-nourishing, with different lessons and reflections each and every time. Tina, the herd, the land, and event partners, allow for a unique experience. Each member of the herd offers their own wisdom in a gentle way. Tina shares her knowledge and allows for self-exploration and sharing, bringing feelings of great joy, trust, connection, acceptance and fulfillment.

Melanie Moore

The Grounding & Healing of Being In The Present Moment

There is a magic at the farm and the land that draws you into the present moment and out of your head in a very short period of time.The stress, anxiety, pressures of day to day life fall away as you connect with the land and the herd. You feel the grounding and healing of being in that horse like state, present and in the moment. I had the great fortune of participating in a workshop where we explored Grace and what it means to us. The grace to be vulnerable, to deal with struggle, aging, heart break and joy, what does that look like, what does that mean and what are the take away thoughts and lessons? It was a powerful day with great discussion, reflection, wisdom from the herd and meditation while sitting under a special tree on the land. Everyone had a different thoughts of what Grace meant to them and had their own personal reflections and realizations which made the day all the more rich. Tina is warm and welcoming and set the tone for us to feel safe and open to explore what the horses wanted to teach us. The reflections of the day are still very much in my forefront as I continue to explore living my life with more Grace

Jen Steers

Asking The Right Questions

It is a true pleasure to work with Tina. She is a master. Tina possesses a unique ability to not only ask the right questions to make sense of complex issues, but is also extremely situationally aware and is therefore able to help you apply logic, heart and common sense to a situation. A creative breath of fresh air!

Anne Marie Pascoe, Senior Director, Radiology Leadership Institute at American College of Radiology

Evolutionary Approach to Learning

Flying Moon Farm is a beautiful, serene place to immerse yourself in presence and self expansion. Tina and The Courage Herd are evolutionary in their approach to learning. And the guest contributors are fabulous as well. You will love your time there.


Vanessa Krichbaum, Financial Advisor & Author

Allowed Me to Begin Seeing Who I Really Am

After my first session I felt like the herd had cracked my heart right open! The incredible 4-legged teachers I met not only helped me release a number of things that were deeply hidden inside myself, but they also allowed me to begin looking at who I really was and all the potential that I was having difficulty seeing. Since then, I have had the pleasure of experiencing the magic that happens on Tina’s farm several times, and I can honestly say that The Courage Herd has had a deep impact on me and my personal development journey.

Michele Rheaume Nutritherapy Entrepreneur

Are you feeling disconnection in these times of  “never unplugged”? The stress of juggling too much? The effects on your body and mind of living fast and frenzied from “the neck up”?

Many of us are working hard but spinning our wheels, burnt out or disillusioned by a culture that is quite literally, unprecedented. We try different tactics, but the pace of change keeps rising under us like an inner tsunami. Work life has become 24/7 as demands for profits and efficiency grows. Communities are increasingly fragmented. Parenting challenges have shifted dramatically in only a decade. We’re on information (and hype!) overload. We live in challenging times.

And yet, this is our one true life. Not a small thing to waste.

We have a vision of women growing into their purpose, and with courage, sharing the gifts only they can each give. Women standing tall with each other, with all beings. Creating new, inspired ways of living their own lives, with their families and communities and their teams at work. Shifting our culture from a focus on dominance and power-over to a focus on brave-hearted collaboration.

It seems daunting, and it is. But step, by step, working together, we change our own lives, and then nothing is the same. The world is asking us to rise up in ways we have never had to before … to live from the fullness of who we really are.

It starts with your inner world and ripples out through everyday actions.

The Courage Herd exists to support and enable you to bring your potential to life by cultivating a deep connection to the intelligence of your body, heart and soul.

We know that when you catch a glimpse of what is possible when your gifts flow from within your deepest self, like waves oscillating in a conversation with all life, your life will be forever changed, and you’ll be inspired to take up your role with renewed courage and passion to create in ways you can’t imagine and make your world better.

If you want to explore a radically different and soul inspiring path of personal development and leadership, grab your bare essentials and join us.

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