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Welcome to The Courage Herd. We've been waiting for you.

Are you hungry for a deeper connection to self and others, to place, to life?

Many of us are living today consumed with a hectic pace, living in a loop of thought and emotion that keeps us from being present, clear and focused.

The Courage Herd is a place to awaken the intelligence of your heart, your intuition, your connection to life. It’s a space of experiential learning.  Of exploring a deeper aspect of who you are and all your are capable of giving to the world.

Awaken Your Brave Heart. Develop Inner Coherence. Cultivate A Connected Life.

We work in partnership with horses, the land, and the natural elements – we cultivate a place of soul and aliveness that many of us are missing, sometimes without even realizing it’s absence.

Why Horses?  As herd and prey animals, horses have an incredible ability to sense into those around them, to in a sense “see inside” others and reflect through their bodies and behaviour what they see, without judgement. They are masters at being present, undistracted by busy thinking and erratic emotions, they live in a continuous conversation with the world around them.

Are you ready to feed your soul and spirit with a form of courage you may never have experienced?

If you’re an entrepreneur exploring ways to share your passion, or a partner looking to deepen or expand a relationship, if you’re a business leader seeking to inspire a team, a parent challenged to grow with your children, if you’re a young person looking to carve your own path … we have created a space with you in mind.

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FALL SESSIONS: Sept 8, Oct 13

Join us for a very special day with international storyteller and story coach, Michael Williams. Michael has a unique way of working with the land and the graceful presence of the herd to help participants listen to the stories within. If you would like to explore a particular story, practice speaking to a group or telling a compelling story – this is a unique opportunity to explore with an extraordinary coach in an incredible setting. Beginners and experienced tellers welcome. 

Learn To Practice Shared Mindfulness, the Herd Way

Special Workshop for Youth OnlyRegister



Working with the herd and the land is a unique way to explore life challenges and opportunities experientially, without judgement and with clear, honest and present feedback.

The herd has an incredible ability to reflect transparent and immediate feedback by mirroring the mental, emotional and physical way we hold ourselves. They teach us through subtle presence, how to see, shift and choose consciously how we walk in the world. And, through the intelligence of the herd, the show us how to share our gifts and talents in service to others.

Contact us for a personalized learning program – we have a lot of experience supporting entrepreneurs, business leaders, people re-inventing their lives, young people searching for their first path of independence.

We are living in times that call for great courage and a brave heart.

We have more and live longer than any other time in history and yet so many of us are struggling with a sense of disconnection – depression, suicide, careers that do not feed our soul or nourish our gifts, a thousand distractions online, minds that are constantly busy and yet rarely present.

How do we cultivate an inner life rich with a quiet mind, aware heart and a body at ease? How do we use that inner life to work with others to create the future we want for our children? A future our ancestors dreamed of?

We’re on a mission to find out. Join us.

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