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Welcome to The Courage Herd. We're glad you're here.

Are you hungry for a deeper connection to self and others, to place, to life? Do you feel there is more inside you to discover, to give to your community, more aliveness to bring to the world?

The Courage Herd is a place to awaken your brave heart … the intelligence of your heart and your intuition. To be supported in healing and discovering the unique talents and gifts you have to offer as a leader in your own life and the lives of others.

Our mission is to help you connect to the depth and richness of your Self and live wholeheartedly with your family, community, or business to create positive change.

Our work is done in partnership with horses, in fact, The Courage Herd are the teachers. Horses have a unique ability to gently and authentically reflect our emotions, our energy and the ways we may not realize we are shrinking from our being our best self. And they do this without judgement and with a directness and care that leaves us with an invitation to our own potential.

Find out more about the power of working with horses and our approach on our WHY HORSES page.

If you’re a brave heart or future maker ready for more depth, more aliveness, a greater sense of beauty and purpose in your life, we invite you to dive in and join The Courage Herd.

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Our special 1-day events at Flying Moon Farm are a way to explore the insights of our guest facilitators surrounded by the herd, in deep connection with the land. Give yourself the gift of community and inner exploration for 1 day!

July 9, 2017 — Living An Abundant Life Storytelling Workshop with Rose McMullen
Learn to tell the story you want to create a life of abundance. A special event with guest facilitator, Rose McMullen, including experiential fun with the herd.

July 15, 2017 — Finding Your Way with Lia Turner
A day of exploration and reflection on walking the path of adversity and finding our way through a deeper connection to it.

These evenings begin with simple ceremonies to help us connect to the energy of the land and the herd and enter into our heart space. We practice 15 to 20 minutes of meditation (no previous experience necessary) to open our awareness, followed by time to enjoy being in the presence of the herd, the trees, the birds … the aliveness of Flying Moon Farm. Find a spot to journal, walk, or just breathe.


Have you ever been truly inspired by an immersive learning experience? Our school is not a program you may have ever known – there is no curriculum to memorize or test to judge your knowledge. It’s a school of learning through Being and Doing, through collaborative and inner inquiry, and a year long journey of how we can live a life that cultivates beauty and aliveness in all we are and do.

What we love, what we believe and what we are committed to. An invitation to live from your brave heart with your courage herd.

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