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Welcome to The Courage Herd. We've been waiting for you.

Are you hungry for a deeper connection to self and others, to place, to life? Do you feel there is more inside you to discover, to give to your community, more aliveness to bring to the world?

Many of us are living today consumed with our thoughts and disconnected from the value of our emotions. We know there is something more but we can’t seem to put our finger on it.

The Courage Herd is a place to awaken the intelligence of your heart, your intuition, your connection to life and nature. It’s a space of experiential learning. A school of learning in real time, learning that comes from inquiry, shared connection, creativity and a brave heart. It’s a practical experience of coming to see yourself and the world in new ways that shift the way you hold the past and the present and the way you move into the future.

Our work is done in partnership with horses, in fact, everything we do is in some way guided by what we learn with The Courage Herd. Horses have a unique ability to gently and authentically reflect our emotions, our energy and the ways we may not realize we are shrinking from our being our best self. And they do this without judgement and with a directness and care that leaves us with an invitation to our own potential.

Are you ready to feed your soul and spirit with a simplicity and grace you may never have experienced?

If you’re an entrepreneur exploring ways to share your passion, or a partner looking to deepen or expand a relationship, if you’re a business leader seeking to inspire a team, a parent challenged to grow with your children, a single person claiming or reclaiming your Self, if you’re a young person looking to carve your own path, an elder exploring ways to navigate your later life … we have created a space with you in mind!

Find out more about the power of working with horses and our approach on our WHY HORSES page.

We offer a host of different options to work directly with the land and the herd. And, we’re eager to connect with you even if geography or circumstance doesn’t allow it in person.

Check out our PODCAST SERIES, interviews with brave hearts and future makers.  Learn more about Life With The Herd through our BLOG.  Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for daily updates (#thecourageherd).

Explore in person! Join us for an EVENT or WORKSHOP at Flying Moon Farm. Consider a PERSONAL LEARNING program or an immersive experience in our SCHOOL for extraordinary leaders

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Have you ever been truly inspired by an immersive learning experience? Our school is not a program you may have ever known – it’s a school of learning through Being and Doing, through collaborative and inner inquiry.

Contact us for a personalized learning program – we have a lot of experience supporting entrepreneurs, business leaders, people re-inventing their lives, young people searching for their first path of independence.

Consider a year long journey through our 4-season program if you’re ready to step into the unknown with a group of good people, the land and the herd through a life-changing journey.

What we love, what we believe and what we are committed to. An invitation to live from your brave heart with your courage herd.

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