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Back From The Quiet A Brave Heart Lesson From Freya

It’s been quiet here for a while. I didn’t forget about you, in fact, the herd and I have been keeping you close in our hearts as we’ve journeyed inward through so many incredible experiences this year.

Sometimes a little quiet is needed to listen and experience all that is transpiring. I hope you’ll relate. And, you’ve been missed! So here I am with a humble offering to reconnect and share a bit of what’s been learning about with the herd.

In January 2017, we hosted some pretty cool folks for a workshop on family dynamics in family owned businesses with our dear friend, Laurel Hubber. The weather turned really cold just in time at -23C .. and still the people came! And they didn’t just come, they really showed up in a big way! It was truly exciting.

And then … half way through the 2-day workshop, Freya began to colic. We humans are so conditioned to ‘push through’ ill health at work and at home, but when the herd is our teachers and one member becomes ill, we learned pretty quick that we all need to pause and be present. This in itself was a big lesson.

Our workshop guests were gracious and supportive. We tried our usual tricks of homeopathic remedies, walking, Reiki and Freya was worsening. When our vet examined her, she confirmed what our animal communicator already got – a twisted bowel on the upper left side. A very tough diagnosis typically only resolved through invasive surgery.

Our vet, who is very familiar with Freya’s residual health issues from her severe physical abuse, reminded me that a decision was needed, now. I checked in with Freya … did she want to transition? I definitely got she was not up for a long, arduous trip to the nearest surgical hospital or even for a bumpy trailer ride (our vet’s other suggestion). I asked our vet to give us a few hours.

Freya drew me to go into our big stall with her. Laurel stayed with us, holding space and supporting Freya. And then, something happened which in all my years with horses and colic episodes I’ve never experienced.

Freya gently laid down and oh so quietly invited me to sit with her. I kneeled down, resting my forehead on hers. We entered into a deep heart connection. I can still feel it in my cells, although it’s so hard to describe. Time disappeared. There was no sense of worry or healing or hope. It felt like Freya took me to a place of pure bliss, pure love.

After some time, I felt it was ‘done’ and I stood up. Freya let out a huge fart, stood up, and she was fine. Everything had shifted in her health. Laurel and I were astounded, elated and quite frankly hungry and exhausted.

It was from this experience that I learned about the power of awakening our brave heart – the words that came as we tried to describe the precipice Freya brought us to.

Freya, recovering with the herd.

With Freya’s gifts in our bones, we began to notice our youngest herd member, Pearl, stepping up to show us her magic. Barely a year old, I was again in awe. She was still so young.

Not only was she bringing her ‘future maker’ energy to our work, her presence was calling the herd to learn and grow in some pretty cool ways. Pearl is a very loving, trust worthy yearling seeming in many ways, wise beyond her year. At the same time, she is fun, and playful, with a wonderful creative spirit.

She is also very determined to do things differently. And this has asked that the herd and I become more creative too. When I decided to give her an initial rabies and tetanus vaccination, the herd asked me to trust them to orchestrate the experience. Fortunately, our vet was willing to go along!

Pearl seems to have a special ability to call to something deep within us as she looks upward to our collective potential.

When the vet arrived and we headed out to meet the herd, all completely at liberty (no halters or restraints), each horse took different positions to form a circle around Pearl. Sonnet arced her body around the hind end of Pearl and pressed her muzzle right where the injection would go. She held her lips pressed against Pearl as the vet gently inserted the vaccination needle beside them. Sonnet never flinched, and neither did Pearl.

For the second needle, Pearl become slightly agitated. Orion moved to her side and rolled, showing great vulnerability and releasing the nervous energy. Sonnet moved around to arc her body so she could press her lips against Pearl’s other hind cheek and repeated her help for the second injection.

It was an orchestration of pure love and great intelligence. Again, both our vet and I were astonished!

So much was coming to fruition … the launch of our new podcast series, our 4-season school offering, special farm events planned for the summer. Spring was starting and the wetland area was starting to sing a song of everything coming to life.


And then in April, another challenging event – this time with Orion.

Alas, I’ve promised this as a blog and not a novel J I’ll leave you here, for this moment and promise that the story of Orion, and Cedar, and our first experience with Orphan Wisdom, is patiently waiting for your ear when we gather here again.

For now, I leave you with this to consider, what more might be possible right now in your life if you were to venture forth to the reaches of your brave heart, together with your dear one or ones? Not as a hero determined to fight, resisting the urge to “just keep going as planned”, but rather as a deeply committed partner with Life willing to hold the moment of what is with deep love and wonderment?


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this or anything else that comes up from this post!


  • August 3, 2017, 6:35 am  Reply

    What a lovely story <3
    I'm a FEEL-practitioner in Sweden and I have so much to learn from all of you fantastic practitioners.

    • Tina Turner
      August 7, 2017, 4:27 pm

      Thank you Ann-Britt 🙂 It’s so exciting to hear of the FEEL work being taken into Sweden – I’m so looking forward to sharing your stories!

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