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About The Courage Herd

The Courage Herd is a herd of six horses and a donkey who Whisper’s loudly. It’s a group of people working together in community with the horses. It’s a place called Flying Moon Farm. A beautiful place that is alive with big skies, trees, pasture, rocks, frogs, birds, deer, the flying moon and a lovingly crafted log barn. It’s a place of soul and presence that invites us into a deeper conversation with our life.

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The Courage Herd is also a virtual place that has no walls or borders, only powerful, felt connections that bind us together. To join us there, check out our FacebookInstagram  and Soundcloud pages.


For horses, the magic and unique gifts of each one arise from the power of their herd. Each member of The Courage Herd has as story to tell of their own life experiences filled with challenge, pain, grace, and triumph.

Coming together at Flying Moon Farm, they are working as one to create their next great masterpiece and share their special talents.

People & Lead PawsMore About Our Facilitators


While the horses are central to our work here, meet the people and other contributors who help to lead our community and care for the herd.

Because we are so dedicated to this work with the horses, we want you to be sure that you resonate with your facilitators and that The Courage Herd is a good fit for you (and that you’re ok with a dog as the Director of Loving Greetings!).


Flying Moon Farm is a very special place where the movement of the horses, the wind and the trees meet the power of hooves landing on the ground, the rocks and all that holds us.