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Tina Turner, Host & Facilitator

Tina has been playing with horses since before she could walk. Raised by a father who taught her a love for great stories and a deep connection to nature, and a mother who taught her the importance of giving whole-heartedly, she dragged her family through years of early horse adventures.

Tina has a passion for learning and has had a long career in building and delivering specialized, professional learning programs. She has designed and facilitated learning programs for people from around the globe in many different disciplines – young technologists in China, accountants from the Middle East and Russia, sales certification programs taken in 9 different countries and 17 different languages, programs for refinery operators, specialized education for forensic nurses working with Indigenous people, sexual health and wellness programs for women. .

From 2008 to 2015 Tina worked with her business partners to build an e-learning technology company. Their learning platform, Crowd WisdomTM, won numerous technology awards and recognitions. This business was sold in 2015 to Your Membership and Tina continues to build and deliver leadership programs for their growing internationally-based management team.

For over two decades, Tina has been exploring the conditions that enable individuals, and groups to open to greater and greater potential. This exploration has included learning with Zen and Tibetan Buddhist monks, indigenous shamans, and evolutionaries in cosmology, consciousness and cultural development, She has worked with and had the privilege of mentorship from dozens of leading edge thinkers, from Nobel Laureates to artists, business leaders and authors, and extraordinary people living quiet lives. Through all of this exploration and development, Tina has worked with horses in New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Canada and has been building their teachings into her own life and into learning programs long before formally coming to the field of equine facilitated learning.

The Courage Herd is a unique school located on a very special 25 acre property just outside Ottawa, Ontario.  The school is a living project, bringing together all of Tina’s passions, a way of honouring and giving back to horses, people and the land.

Tina holds an Honours Bachelor of Commerce from Carleton University, a unique Master’s Degree in Conscious Evolution from the Graduate Institute in Connecticut, USA, and the FEEL certification (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning). Her educational foundation has been expanded through other specialized certificates and intensive programs in creativity, authentic thinking, mindfulness, meditation, horse behavior, animal communication, coaching, storytelling, trust-building, performance consulting, and leadership excellence. Though her studies have often been led by remarkable human teachers, her greatest learnings continue to come from the horses and their unique ability to help us bring heart-intelligence, intuition and presence into all we do and how we show up in our lives.

Lia Turner,
Social Media & Event Coordinator

After convincing her mother to sign her up for riding lessons at age four (two years under the usual age requirement), Lia was certain, from a very young age, that her life was meant to be spent with horses.

It was through this early love of riding that Lia convinced her mother to bring a horse into their lives. Enter The Courage Herd’s original member, Echo.

Lia learned firsthand from Echo the healing powers of being in partnership with a horse when she was diagnosed with epilepsy at the same time Echo entered her life. Although living with a seizure disorder impacted her life, it was Lia’s love of horses that taught her to relate to her condition with strength and determination. Living with epilepsy inspired Lia to start a career helping others learn and develop in the face of adversity.

Lia’s other passion is technology. In high school she took a part time job at Staples fixing computers.  Her first experience with social media management was at a yoga studio co-op. Through exploring mindfulness and conscious development, she realized that social media can be a purposeful and thoughtful catalyst for fostering new relationships. She knew that she could blend her technological skill with her love of horses to produce something magical that had never been possible before. Lia now brings this experience to developing The Courage Herd online, in the spirit of connecting all of us on this journey together.

Lia has used these insights to carve a unique education path at Carleton University studying Cognitive Science and Computation, where she is currently in her fourth year. In addition to her studies and work with The Courage Herd, Lia regularly delivers talks and conference keynote addresses to inspire more open dialogue about “invisible” conditions such as epilepsy. From her own experience, she describes how a team-based approach to wellness, including the horses, can enable people living with similar challenges and their families to share their brave hearts and create a more inspired future for all.


Willow – Director of Play

A friend once said that border collies are the most expensive dog you can own because they inevitably lead to buying a farm. In Willow’s mind, Flying Moon Farm is her great accomplishment. Just try to walk around the grounds without being convinced to play with a ball or frizbee!


Odin – Director of Loving Greetings

Odin was made for Canada but born in Greece. Through a series of unintended and serendipitous events he landed in Canada in a snow storm and decided this was his true home. You’ll find him either patrolling the parameters of the horse’s paddock or nudging you incessantly for another rub on the chin.


Juno – Director of Independence

One day while visiting a farm to view a horse with a friend, Lia found a bucket of very little kittens about to be destroyed. She and her friend brought them back to the boarder barn they rode at and marshalled a round the clock feed team. Of course one had to come home with us! Juno is a spirited huntress and guardian, she may or may not greet you and is often seen lounging with the herd.