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Do you have a special place that you visited often, perhaps as a child, that brings up memories of warmth, aliveness, connection, family, special milestones, the magnificence of nature? What happens inside you when you imagine it?

In a world of very cool technological advances and quick sharing, it’s easy to forget the way a connection to the land, to place, can help us hear and respond to the seeds of potential within us.

It’s easy to forget the resonance that emerges from a place that is filled with history and connection.

Mother nature may paint the evening sky with the most remarkable colors or ravage upon us biting rain and winds.

However, when we connect deeply with place, we are rooted in something powerful and resilient within ourselves.

…following the thread of our own aliveness is how we engage in a place-based world. Our aliveness is the core element connecting us to the way nature thinks. Aliveness conversations engage us in the timeless search for empathy and connection.

Michael Jones, The Soul of Place

Flying Moon Farm is place to come and find your aliveness.

To explore your own unfolding nature and connect to your inner stillness.

It holds the stories of the fox, coyote, bear, the birds, snakes, frogs and all the life who have lived here for generation upon generation, season upon season.

It holds the stories of immigrants who bravely set out and survived the early harsh winters on this land to build a new life for their families. It holds the stories of 200 years of humans and horses tilling, plowing and building together.

It holds the love story of the couple who originally built the home and barn and raised their family and their horses together.

And now it holds the ever unfolding story of The Courage Herd and the unique aliveness you discover here.

Flying Moon Farm…
where the movement of the horses, the wind and the skies meet the power of hooves landing on the ground, the rock and all that holds us.

We invite you experience the land with the horses. To feel a connection to it through your breath, your eyes and the step of your feet. To soak in the reflection of each season and to be part of the place-based story of Flying Moon Farm.