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Echo is an incredible mare (female horse) – calm, wise and trusted by all. One of her many talents is her quiet, yet large presence that invites everyone in to see the reflection of their best selves.


Freya is a powerful horse who calls you to own your magic with confidence, awareness and loving kindness. She is also our tallest horse and when she chooses to stand with you, her huge heart is all enveloping.


Sonnet is a little quarter horse mare. Quiet, and gentle, people are often unaware of the connections she makes from a distance. With finely tuned sensing abilities, she has a way of subtly acknowledging uneasiness and sitting with it as it transforms into quiet stillness.


Pearl is our newest herd member, born the end of January 2016 (the same night our Cohen passed). Pearl is a very sweet filly and we can already tell she’s got a big purpose and great magic to share.


Cedar is a gelding (male) pony who is full of life and playfulness. He is a little horse with a big attitude who loves to be loved. At the same time he’s very comfortable being on his own – a wonderful example of embodying autonomy and communion.


Whisper plays a very special role in the herd. She is a wonderful teacher of diversity and the power of owning who you really are with both absolute clarity and a gentleness that draws others in close.


Orion was a wonderful paradox – our ‘rock’ because of the strength of the care and trust he extends, and, also highly attuned to both people and the environment like a sensitive antenna. Orion passed from this earth on June 21, 2017 on the summer solstice.


Cohen came to us late 2015 as a powerful, wild spirit. He was eager to work with people from the start and he was incredibly giving, even as his strength and power could easily intimidate. On January 28, 2016 Cohen passed from this earth. He was here a short time but his spirit lives on in our continued work together.


To learn more about life with the herd, check out our blog or better yet, register for a workshop and come explore their fun personalities and brilliance as teachers in person.