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First The Test, Then The Lesson

Not Tonight Full Moon Presence with OrionIn my last post I began to share a bit about some of the remarkable things we’ve encountered here with the herd related to

A Brave Heart Lesson From Freya

Back From The Quiet A Brave Heart Lesson From FreyaIt’s been quiet here for a while. I didn’t forget about you, in fact, the herd and I have been keeping

Horse Ancestors and the Shoulders We Stand On

Before the farm, before the name, before the herd had formed, when there was only a dream in a dreamy state, a good friend offered to help me craft a

Whisper and The Wisdom of Knowing Your Voice

Every week when I write our blog, I ask for insight from the herd. Ask them to show me something, to somehow help me know what is meaningful for us

Pearl and the Journey of Finding Our Potential

Have you ever reflected on the journey of finding your potential? In many ways this process is right before us, all the time, in the rivers, the rocks, the trees,

A Horse Lesson In Wu Wei

What Horses Teach Us About the Power of Inner SpaceOne of the most powerful experiences horses offer us is the experience of simply being with them. We call this the

Orion’s Boundary Dance

Learning to set boundaries from our heart space can bring more beauty to our lives than we might have ever imagined.A few weeks ago, late in the afternoon, I was in the barn

The Courage To Be … Together

The Courage Herd began as a response to the still small voice inside asking to be nurtured. The first whispers were about a project, an exploration of the meeting point of