stories of life with the herd
First The Test, Then The Lesson
Tina Turner | 13 August

Not Tonight Full Moon Presence with OrionIn my last post I began to share a bit about some of the

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A Brave Heart Lesson From Freya
Tina Turner | 23 July

Back From The Quiet A Brave Heart Lesson From FreyaIt’s been quiet here for a while. I didn’t forget about

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Horse Ancestors and the Shoulders We Stand On
Tina Turner | 10 November

Before the farm, before the name, before the herd had formed, when there was only a dream in a dreamy

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Whisper and The Wisdom of Knowing Your Voice
Tina Turner | 3 November

Every week when I write our blog, I ask for insight from the herd. Ask them to show me something,

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Pearl and the Journey of Finding Our Potential
Tina Turner | 27 October

Have you ever reflected on the journey of finding your potential? In many ways this process is right before us,

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A Horse Lesson In Wu Wei
Tina Turner | 20 October

What Horses Teach Us About the Power of Inner SpaceOne of the most powerful experiences horses offer us is the

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Orion’s Boundary Dance
Tina Turner | 12 October

Learning to set boundaries from our heart space can bring more beauty to our lives than we might have ever

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The Courage To Be … Together
Tina Turner | 4 October

The Courage Herd began as a response to the still small voice inside asking to be nurtured. The first whispers

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