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Episode 2, June 15, 2017: Part 1 with Rose McMullen on animal intelligence

Join us for the first of a very special two-part conversation with Rose McMullen who has dedicated her life to exploring ways that animals can help humans grow in Oneness. To say Rose is an animal communicator is in a way true and her mission is about so much more. If you’re interested in learning more about how to hear and work with the intelligence of all beings, you’ll want to hear Rose’s insights and ideas.

In Rose’s own words: It seems my education is now coming from the other beings we share the planet with.  They are very concerned for us.  We are at a place in our own evolution where the animals can no longer avoid us.  So they are trying to help us.  It pains them greatly to see us committing a slow suicide.  It is their greatest desire that we learn to live in a society based in Oneness.  A world where there is mutual respect and understanding.  The only way they know how to accomplish this, is by interacting with us.

Episode 1, June 1, 2017: Melanie’s Vision

In our inaugural episode we interview a brave heart and future maker who could well be the girl next door (in fact, for us, she is). Melanie Lanoue is a young woman with a big vision for evolving the way horses and humans interact in equine medicine facilities (and in life). Join us in the ceremony of this interview with Melanie and be inspired by her presence and way of embodying leadership.

More About Melanie: Melanie is a 19 year old student at the University of Guelph. She lives with her 2 cats, dog and 3 horses and has dedicated her life to working with horses. Melanie plans to become an equine vet so that she can further help the animals she loves.

The Courage Herd podcast series is a unique mix of presence, exploration and reflection. Interested? Check out this invitation with host Tina Turner, and the herd of course!

Our podcast Producer, Lynn Thompson, shares a bit about her passion for our project as the horses, and our donkey, add their voices.