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Episode 8 Fostering A Horse-Human EFL Community with Wendy Golding

The field of equine facilitated learning has grown and expanded in significant ways over the past decade. Wendy Golding, an early pioneer, has been working with her partner, Andre Leclipteaux and their amazing herd for more than 15 years, dedicated to promoting transformation and personal growth through the wisdom of the horse. In 2008 they developed the FEEL® (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) certification program which also a living project in creating a community of people and horses. In this episode we explore this journey of unique community building, and the way it’s shifted, changed and developed over the years and the ways Wendy continues to respond to the call of the horses to go deeper, together.

To learn more about Wendy and the FEEL program visit Horse Spirit Connections at www.horsespiritconnections.com. To learn more about the FEEL Alumni visit www.feelalumni.com

Episode 7, September 1, 2017: Grace Under Pressure with Lia Turner

If you were to walk through the Welcome door to the barn at Flying Moon Farm, you’d see a quote from Hemingway, “Courage is grace under pressure”. It’s a beautiful quote and inspires our name. What does it mean to live in this way? Join us for a very candid and personal conversation with Lia Turner as she shares her experiences living with a seizure disorder and the role the horses have, and continue to play, in her quest to explore Grace Under Pressure.

Episode 6, August 15, 2017: What does it mean to live as a Brave Heart today?

What does it mean to live as a brave heart today? It’s a question that begs us to dig deep, sometimes going to places that we didn’t expect. In this episode we change things up a bit and bring in the varied voices of 7 different contributors who muse aloud to our question … one of whom is our beautiful black mare. Enjoy and please let us know in the comments, on our Facebook page or through an email to info@thecourageherd.ca your thoughts on living as a brave heart. We are curious about where this question might take us all!

Episode 5, August 1, 2017: What if Dying & Death are Life’s Big Inspiration? With Lynn Thompson (part 2 of 2)

In part 2 of our conversation with our podcast producer, Lynn Thompson, we explore an idea that may seem counter intuitive … by holding deeply the dying process and our dead, can our lives get bigger? Can they expand in ways we have yet to barely explore? Recorded at Flying Moon Farm, we hope this second part of our engaging conversation with Lynn carries the questions of what more might be possible in all our lives when we hold dearly the sorrow and the beauty of death.

Episode 4, July 17, 2017: Elder Companionship & Our Dying Time with Lynn Thompson (part 1 of 2)

Aging, death, our dying time … we don’t think of these themes as rich with life but hold on to your soul because Lynn Thompson has a lot of passion for exploring the process of living and dying. In this first of a two-part conversation that took place at Flying Moon Farm in the midst of one of our herd members’ dying time, Lynn talks with host Tina Turner about her views of eldership, her work as an elder companion, and her own dawning time as an elder. It’s a magical conversation, ripe with the voices of our ancestors in the wind. May it inspire you to live more fully today!