A school for brave hearts and future makers?

It’s a school of exploration, a journey into the not-yet, the barely imagined, the yearned for and vaguely visible.
It’s a school where the teachers are the horses, each other, the land, the life that is present with us … everything that we come to by happenstance and by intent.
It’s a school of letting go, asking powerful questions, and listening deeper than we can now imagine.
It’s a school of both an inner and outer journey. One that calls upon things we have mostly forgotten, or have yet to see.

It is a year long immersive learning experience that promises to follow a thread of aliveness which will only be found through your wild and crazy willingness to attend.

There is a greatness inside each of us. Sometimes we catch a glimpse of it and recoil in fear of what it’s asking of us. Sometimes we lose site of it and it’s hard to access. Sometimes we don’t know what to do with it. Many times it morphs and transforms during the course of our life.

The journey of finding our greatness, embodying it, sharing it with others, is the journey of finding the greatness of Life. To take up this journey, again and again, requires a brave heart. It is a winding path often filled with adversity. But once we taste this journey, what else is there to do? What else is there but to take up our greatness, live it, and begin making our future a more beautiful, inspiring place, starting now?


Our year-long school is comprised of 4 sessions, one for each of the seasons. As our group forms and travels together through summer, fall, winter and spring, we explore the heart of who we really are and how we take this out into the world around us.

Each session begins on a Thursday evening and ends by 5pm on the next Sunday. We are together the first evening from 5pm to 8pm and the following days from 9:30am to 5pm. We work on herd time, slow time, taking our cues from the horses, the weather, the land and each other. We eat, reflect, explore and grow together and individually.

Session #1, August 2018: We begin in the summer, the southern direction and the element of fire. We learn the lessons of the full, clear, open and strong heart. We connect to the archetype of the visionary.

Session #2, Late October 2018: Next we move to the West, the element of water. We begin a journey inward, looking to the patterns we carry and discerning what to let go of and what to bring forward. We connect to the archetype of the healer.

Session #3, March 2019: We continue our journey inward and move to the North, the element of Earth. We dream wide and big and connect to our calling as a future maker, who we truly are. We connect to the archetype of the warrior.

Session #4, May 2019: Finally, we emerge in the East, the spring, the element of air. We draw on the inspiration of all we’ve journeyed together to see the direction we will next go. We see in the light of a new day and connect to the archetype of the teacher.

COST: $2200.00 + HST
INCLUDES: Workbook, supplies, drinks and lunch, plus an opportunity to work individually with the herd in between school sessions.
Limit of 6 participants.

For more information and to discuss registration please email Tina directly at tina@thecourageherd.ca