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Many approaches and certification programs have emerged in the field of equine assisted and facilitated learning over the past several decades. Today there is an incredible range of styles, practices, and ways of viewing the role of the horse among those who work with horses in this general way.

At The Courage Herd, we practice Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning, or FEEL. In this approach the horse is treated as a sentient teacher, and the ‘leading partner’ of the human facilitator.

The power of the horse’s presence, sensitivity and intuition is magnified by the horse’s conscious choice to partner freely with the FEEL practitioner in facilitating a process of self-discovery and powerful life changes for the client.

The FEEL certification was started in 2008 and with it’s more than a hundred graduates has grown into a strong community of horses and practitioners committed to upholding the standards of practice and exploring ways to grow and deepen our relationship with the horses and the potential they are showing us in this work.

Check out this short video produced by the FEEL Alumni to help you get a stronger sense of the role of horses as teachers and how we partner with them in the human-horse learning experience.

For more information on the FEEL Alumni visit www.feelalumni.com