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Tina is filled with positive energy and her dedication to my growth has been incredible. She is never hurried and always filled with empathy. My life and career have profoundly changed because of her support for my development.

-Rohini Dhir, Pune, India.

Our approach …

Coaching is an investment in the power and potential of your inner life and a process for personal and professional support in bringing to action, to others, what your soul is asking of you right now.

So many of us are stuck in the churn of an inner critic or voice of reason. A voice that seems totally real. A voice that brings anxiety, uncertainty, disconnection, a feeling of being “fake” or incompetent. It can be hard to let that voice go on our own or by consuming yet another impersonal learning program.

Our approach to coaching, both virtually and in person, is deeply inspired by the way of the herd – the way the horses know and use the intelligence of the heart and the body, the way they work together for a bigger purpose (the herd), the way they engage in a mindful, trusted, ongoing dialogue with all of life, the way they cultivate deep wakefulness, honour everyone’s gifts, set boundaries to connect and create beauty, and deeply inhabit vulnerability and courage. Profound lessons that are simple, practical and transformative.

Our process starts, of course, exactly where you are. And follows the trajectory of your aliveness (and yes, there is always a seed of aliveness).

It’s your journey of harvesting a life that is worth living. A life that is lived in service of making your world better.

Are you ready to change your life for real?

We offer 90 day and 6 month coaching packages. Coaching can be done either completely virtually (we use a web tool called Zoom) or, for those who want to deepen their learnings in person with the horses, we offer packages that include some virtual and some in-person sessions here at our farm in the Ottawa Valley.

If this calls to your soul, use the link below to book your free 30 minute discovery session.
What is it costing you to put off cultivating your best life?