Do you have a special place, perhaps somewhere from your childhood, that brings up feelings of warmth, aliveness, connection, family, special milestones, the quietness of nature? What happens inside you when you imagine it?

In a world of constant technological advances, virtual sharing, and open travel, it’s easy to become disconnected from place – the soul of the spaces we work in, cook our meals, share time with others.

By nurturing a connection to place, we find a way back to our own nurtured soul. Spending time in places we feel safe and loved helps us hear and respond to the seeds of potential within us.

When we connect deeply with place, we are rooted in something powerful and resilient within ourselves. Place speaks to us, especially when we speak to place.


Flying Moon Farm is place filled with the stories of the rocks, trees, the coyote, fox, deer, bear, the rabbits, raccoons, snakes and frogs (the spring chorus, oh!), the ravens and blue jays, the crows. It holds the stories of the Algonquin Nation who lived in the Ottawa Valley for thousands of years and later, through the effects of colonization, the Iroquois Nation Confederacy. We acknowledge that this land is unceded from these First Nations.

It holds the stories of the Irish and Scottish immigrants who came to these shores fleeing famine  and hardship only to arrive to find rock and sand and harsh winters instead of rich farmland. And through all those many years, it holds the stories of horses and humans working together.

All of this brave-hearted history is part of Flying Moon Farm and the unfolding story of The Courage Herd. We know that when you step on the land, you’ll feel the ease and grace of the aliveness and connection with life that the herd nurtures with every step they take and quickly find yourself breathing a little deeper.