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Free 30 Minute Discovery Coaching Session

We know that committing to a coaching program is well, a commitment! We want you to be free and supported to explore if we’re a good fit for you. Even though the initial meeting can be a bit awkward, we’re good at keeping it safe, open-hearted and real.

When you schedule a free web/phone discovery session, our focus is to make the session as meaningful and helpful as possible with no expectation … it’s our gift to you.

If you’re reading this, an inner voice has led you here. Don’t let your Voice of Reason or your Inner Critic second guess your True Voice. Use our handy scheduling tool to find a day and time that you can commit to – we’ll send you the meeting details (we use the video conferencing web tool, Zoom or phone only works too)

Are you ready to Explore and receive a dose of inspiration?