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Working closely with great groups of engaged people on a similar journey can be a powerful way to transform the way you see yourself and the world. We’ve facilitated experiential learning programs for thousands of people both virtually and in person. Since 2015, THE HERD HAS SHARED THEIR LESSONS TOO, AND IMPACTED HUNDREDS MORE IN POWERFUL WAYS.  This year we’ve continued some favourites, added several new ones, and a unique offer to join us for down-home farm meals and simple togetherness.

Tina is masterful at continuously creating the conditions for a type of learning experience that is rare and precious in our culture today. Her virtual sessions are like nothing I’ve experienced before. And, when you work with the herd .. wow! I had no previous experience being near horses. They helped me to effortlessly go to inner places that woke me up, inspired, cracked open my heart, and have remained fresh for years after.

-Erlina Edwards


“The real meditation practice is how we live our lives from moment to moment.”


Cost is by donation. It’s important to us that anyone who can find their way to the farm, can join us. These sessions are medicine for the soul - yours and the world.

Wakefulness Practice

Off the cushion and into the field - a unique blend of meditation and mindfulness to inspire a wakeful life. So much of what keeps us from living from our brilliance is the noise within, the busyness of our lives. How can we take what we learn in meditation out into this challenging world and remain present? These 2-hour group sessions will allow you to directly experience peace, stillness, and wakefulness from the inside out, with the herd and the aliveness of the farm. Why horses? They are super talented, especially when they live with choice as a herd, as The Courage Herd does, at sensing what is going on inside you ... WITHOUT judgement! And, when you notice and SHIFT, they will immediately reflect that to you! Its experiential learning like you've likely never experienced it before. You’ll learn practical tools and techniques to bring this experience back into your everyday life – anywhere, anytime. You’re going to meet the best in yourself, and the best in others who come. Whether you’re seasoned in meditation or mindfulness or have never practiced them at all, the horses are going to have a profound impact on you. No horse experience required, no riding is involved. Solid, close toed shoes a must. Sign up for one session, come once a month or attend the entire series.

May to October, 2019 on select Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

Upcoming Sessions:
May 25, 2-4pm
May 30, 7-9pm

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The Three Keys to living & leading with courage

Have you ever felt called to step up in your life and instead hesitated or not acted because of feelings of uncertainty or anxiety? Does your Voice of Reason frequently whisper (or scream) that you aren’t capable, confident or maybe even courageous enough to become a leader at work or in your personal life? Here’s a secret from a very special herd of horses: everything you need to lead your life with heart, connection, and purpose is already inside you. And, acting on it will transform you in ways you can barely imagine.

Join us for a powerful 3-hour experience to explore the three keys to growing your brave heart. We call them Home, Heart and Habit. Or .. learning to consciously create an environment for you to thrive, becoming skillful at the intelligence of the heart (which has more neurons than the brain and sends information to the brain and outward to others), and creating habits that nurture love, not fear.
This workshop is experiential – you’ll be learning and practicing simple, proven and powerful tools to help you immediately begin bringing Home, Heart and Habit on purpose into your life. Discover ways to ignite YOUR inner brave heart, and re-imagine the gifts and the difference you can make in your world..

June 8, 2019 1pm to 4pm, Flying Moon Farm OR
June 18 and 25, 7-8:30pm, virtual webinar OR
June 30, 2019 1pm to 4pm, Downtown Ottawa (Byward market)

Sign up for more details and options to register.

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