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Working closely with great groups of engaged people on a similar journey can be a powerful way to transform the way you see yourself and the world. JOIN US at the farm for one or more of our signature experiential learning programs - your insights will impact everything you do.

Tina is masterful at continuously creating the conditions for a type of learning experience that is rare and precious in our culture today. Her virtual sessions are like nothing I’ve experienced before. And, when you work with the herd .. wow! I had no previous experience being near horses. They helped me to effortlessly go to inner places that woke me up, inspired, cracked open my heart, and have remained fresh for years after.

-Erlina Edwards


“The real meditation practice is how we live our lives from moment to moment.”


Cost is by donation. It’s important to us that anyone who can find their way to the farm, can join us. These sessions are medicine for the soul - yours and the world.

Wakefulness Practice

Off the cushion and into the field - a unique blend of meditation and mindfulness to inspire a wakeful life. So much of what keeps us from living from our brilliance is the noise within, the busyness of our lives. How can we take what we learn in meditation out into this challenging world and remain present? These 2-hour group sessions will allow you to directly experience peace, stillness, and wakefulness from the inside out, with the herd and the aliveness of the farm. Why horses? They are super talented, especially when they live with choice as a herd, as The Courage Herd does, at sensing what is going on inside you ... WITHOUT judgement! And, when you notice and SHIFT, they will immediately reflect that to you! Its experiential learning like you've likely never experienced it before. You’ll learn practical tools and techniques to bring this experience back into your everyday life – anywhere, anytime. You’re going to meet the best in yourself, and the best in others who come. Whether you’re seasoned in meditation or mindfulness or have never practiced them at all, the horses are going to have a profound impact on you. No horse experience required, no riding is involved. Solid, close toed shoes a must. Sign up for one session, come once a month or attend the entire series.

May to SEPTEMBER, 2019 on select Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

Final 2019 Session:
September 28, 2-4pm


Full day workshop (10am-4pm)
Cost: $165.00 + HST
includes light lunch, beverages and snacks

Are you ready to bring transformative practices into your life and deepen your connection with your body, emotions and others?

The Boundary Dance: creating strong, connected relationships

Do any of these words come to mind when you think of setting boundaries?

No! Yikes! Scary. Shy. Nervous. Uncertain.

Does just the thought of setting a boundary conjure up feelings of anxiety, fear, or maybe a knot in the pit of your stomach?

Or maybe you’re pretty confident to say no when you’re asked to do something that you’re not comfortable with, but you’re not sure how to use boundaries to create better relationships with people at work, home or play?

The horses are experts at setting boundaries in a way that is both clear and certain AND highly mindful and connective. This is how a herd thrives – everyone takes responsibility for creating the space the body needs to be authentically present with another. It’s actually a beautiful dance that is part of everyday movement and nurturing of their strength together.

This one day workshop will help you make a huge leap in the way you think of boundaries and your ability to be aware of when and where to set them, how much to ask for, and how to use them with colleagues, family, partners, friends, even strangers in the grocery store!

UPCOMING 2019 DATES: Sunday August 25th OR Saturday September 29th


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We live in a world obsessed with control, fear and the value of a certain type of intelligence. For most of us this means that we’re living to some degree or another, disconnected from the potential of a rich inner life and the potential of deep and abiding connections with others.

How can we begin to shift from Power Over to Power With in a culture that will never ask this of us but yearns for it in every way?

Join us for a powerful experience to explore what it means to live as a modern Braveheart - with a full alive inner life and an unshakable vision of what you and Life can really get up to.

With that vision, we’ll explore three conditions we consistently see as integral to growing how you show up as a Braveheart. We call them Home, Heart and Habit.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

- The one thing that research shows is pivotal to our ongoing growth and development (Environment, which we call Home)
- Techniques to cultivate an ‘open’ Home as the foundation for your inner life
- Ideas to help nurture it in your work and personal life
- The latest research on the science of your heart intelligence (hint: it’s not ‘touchy feely’)
- Tools for opening up to your heart intelligence
- How to work with the heart and mind in coherence
- A simple technique for tuning into the intelligence of your body
- Why habits are so influential on our daily life
- Simple ideas to transform your life through a few, small habit changes

This workshop is experiential – you’ll be learning and practicing simple, proven and powerful tools to help you immediately begin bringing Home, Heart and Habit on purpose into your life. 

UPCOMING DATES: September 22, 2019 … Full Day Workshop (10am to 4pm)

COST: $165+HST

Space is limited so that we can engage with each other and the herd and soak in those learnings on slow time with lots of attention.

We provide a light vegetarian lunch, beverages and snacks.