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The Project of a Lifetime (and probably a lot longer)….

I guess you could say we’re a motley crew, who, by some miracle, have come together for the project of a lifetime. We work hard online and on-the-land, through all kinds of weather, to inspire deeper connection within and between all life. We started our project with you in mind, and now, you’re here for a reason. How cool is that?

The Way We Roll

  • Calling out the power of our diversity

  • Being Curious (and avoiding fixing or assuming)

  • Genuine kindness

  • Emotional integrity – safe and true

  • Being cool with sh*t .. because here, manure happens

  • With deep regard for each other … legged, no legs, or winged

  • Practicing wakefulness

  • Owning our gifts and appreciating others’

  • Living from our bad-ass courageous heart

    These practices are the basis for our relationship with the herd. We ask everyone we work with to give them a try too, so we can do great work, together. And, if things get rough, we follow the herd to get “back to grazing”.

“I’m so inspired by your courage and heart to face the raw, wild business of life!”

-Nirado Griffin