What Weather Teaches Us

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Have you ever noticed how big a topic the weather can be? With us humans that is. This cold is killing me! Bummer, rain for the next 3 days! Crazy heat!

The herd never seems to fuss about it. I wonder what it would be like for us if we were able to be with it. If we simply softened our daily relationship a bit to whatever shows up the way the horses do.

We want sunshine all the time, we want perfect weather every day. And by resisting what is, we create such churn and turmoil for ourselves. Lots of useless conversation for our busy minds.

One night, my first winter at the farm living with the herd, we went down to -40C … that’s officially cold as f*ck around here. My son had invited a family from out of town to come stay. The power went out about 9:30pm. The new generator system I installed wouldn’t start.

My first thought, which I’m somewhat hesitant to reveal, was for the herd’s water – with no power to the water trough heaters it wouldn’t be long before they became giant ice cubes. I got dressed up and headed out to pull the heaters out and bring as many buckets into the house as I could. Our guests huddled in blankets. My son worked on the generator.

At some point in the frenzy of activity, I stopped and walked over to stand with the herd who were standing quietly in and around the shelter. Their soft, visible breath was mesmerizing. Like the beat of a big drum. I could feel the warmth of their bodies. The night sky was brilliant – clear and dancing with a million stars.

Everything was actually ok. It was more than ok. Even in the deep freeze and dark, the aliveness of life was fully present in a way that could only happen in those conditions, in that moment.

And, I nearly missed it.

I still use a weather app. I’ve learned that it’s helpful to tend to the things that are important when heat, rain, snow, or deep cold are heading to our doorstep. The herd shows me too – they always know what’s coming.

But we don’t spend our time wishing it was different, they’ve taught me that. Because everything is and no matter what is, it’s easier to work with it than against it. The weather is a teacher of how to be with what shows up. It’s a dynamic and unforgiving teacher, unconcerned with what you think or want. It just is.

And being with what is happens to be a specialty of the herd. I kinda think it’s their secret to always being in the flow of life.