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Echo is calm, wise and trusted by all. One of her many talents is her quiet, yet large presence that invites everyone in to see the reflection of their best selves.

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Freya is a powerful horse who calls you to move through challenges with awareness and loving kindness. She is also our tallest horse and when she chooses to stand with you, her huge heart is all enveloping.

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Sonnet is a quarter horse whose name means "little song". Quiet and gentle, people are often unaware of the connections she makes from a distance. With finely tuned sensing abilities, she has a way of subtly acknowledging uneasiness and sitting with it as it transforms into deep stillness.

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Pearl is our youngest herd member, born on a cold, cold winter night with a strong, fiery heart. Pearl is a very sweet, and adventurous future maker. And, she loves to play with boundaries!

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Whisper plays a very special role in the herd. She is a wonderful teacher of diversity and the power of owning who you really are with both absolute clarity and a gentleness that draws others in.

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Finn is a gelding (male horse) with a loving and spritely personality. His small frame (to us, not him!) and confident manner call those who interact with him to tap into their inner joy.

COHEN 2006-2016

COHEN 2006-2016

ORION 1995-2017

ORION 1995-2017

CEDAR est 1998-2019

CEDAR est 1998-2019